There is value in failure

I find a lot of time we are so scared of failure, we forget that it is a part of life.  Even the most successful people have failed but the difference is that they don’t stop after their failures, they get straight back to what they were doing but the difference now is that they implement what they have learnt from their past failures.⠀⠀⠀

Life isn’t perfect

Life isn’t perfect and we need to embrace both our wins and our fails because they are both as equally important.  Our wins pretty much speak for it self so lets touch on the underdog in this conversation, the “failures”. Why? Well because there is VALUE in failure. Yes, value.  Think about it, failures allow you to learn more about yourself.  It has the potential to teach you and push you to develop new ways to do things that would ultimately help you in achieving our goals.  The only thing you have to do is be ready for the lessons it will teach, so you can proactively make the necessary changes to your strategies.⠀⠀⠀

One of my many experiences of failure

I remember when I was at College, I did relatively ok with my grades but I initially wanted to study engineering at University, or so I thought lol, (coming from an African background, believe me, this position is the norm). However the “D” grade I got at AS level Maths taught me a valuable lesson, and I needed to rethink my career aspirations 😀😀 . At the age of 16, it was a hard lesson to learn (especially when I got A’s at GCSE Maths) but I had to embrace that failure and allow it to teach me what I needed to know about myself and move on.

So, if you are struggling with failure, please know you are not alone, but use the lesson it teaches to move on to bigger and better things.⠀


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