The state between tiredness and exhaustion

Is it just me or has work become even more busy? Despite the lockdown, my workload has increased. Why? I honestly can’t pin point a reason if I am honest but I feel like it is a mixture between the obvious impact of the current global crisis and a little bit of trying to prove myself to my employer, that just because I am at home, doesn’t mean I am slacking.

Either way, it is taking its toll on me both physically and mentally because work still needs to be done, kids still need to be kept occupied, the house still needs to be order (and by this I mean partially clean lol), food still needs to be cooked and frankly daily life still needs flow with the direction of time,  which is forward. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is great, very hands on with the kids and we take turns making food sometimes but “mum mode” or “wife mode” kicks in and I end up doing more than I realistically need to be doing.

So, I now find myself in-between this state of being tired, where I am physically and mentally drained and recognise that I am doing too much but I am not quite exhausted, where I feel like I should just stop everything (whether by choice or not lol) and just let each day roll on without any plan or view as to what I would like to have done for the day.

I spoke to a few of my fellow mums about this and I can safely say I am not alone in this. Guys, it helps to talk to others because it can help you get perspective sometimes. We spoke about what we were feeling, which ultimately revealed itself as one word we were all familiar with, “PRESSURE”, and when I say pressure in this context, I mean:

  • The pressure to be seen as relevant at work
  • The pressure to “home school” the kids
  • The pressure to make sure the family is eating healthy
  • The pressure to still keep the house in order
  • The pressure to remember we are still wives  
  • The pressure to keep the kids entertained …………the list could go on

So we that out of the way (lol), we then talked about practical things we could do to help ease that pressure and despite knowing most of the solutions ourselves, we found it so helpful to be reminded of it by someone else. This is what we came up with:

  • It is okay to have a schedule but don’t make it rigid
  • It is ok for the kids to sleep in and have some late nights
  • It is okay to have left overs for breakfast, lunch and dinner on some days
  • In fact, it is okay to have rice for breakfast lunch and dinner (lol)
  • It is ok to for the kids to watch TV 
  • It is ok for the kids to go a day without having a bath (I said a day guys lol)
  • It is ok if the only home schooled activity the kids do in a day was sing the alphabet song (I also bought a range of Collins Easy Learning Preschool books from Amazon to use on some days to keep them educationally entertained lol)
  • It is ok if the only activity you could do with the kids that day was have dinner together as a family because you were buys working
  • It is ok to have a nap with the kids (and without lol)
  • It is ok to leave the dishes for a day (or two lol)
  • It is okay to have expectations but don’t let it be based solely because you were comparing your routine with others

So, what does that mean for me? FREEDOM! Lol not exactly, but it does mean I can go to sleep each day without dreading what the next day has in store for me.

Stay safe everyone.

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