The Proven Method Program

It's time you gained the clarity and the confidence to launch your online business

Are you ready to take action and confidently launch your online business?


This is the test phase where we uncover your strengths, discover your business idea, find your niche and test the market


The formation phase, where we tackle your business structure, your business finance and your marketing strategy


Lastly, the action phase where I help you set out the exact steps you need to confidently launch your online business


Starting your business whilst juggling a 9-5 and family life can sometimes feel:

  • confusing because you have no idea where to actually start and you are probably suffering from information overload;
  • like there won’t be enough time to actually spend on your business once you start;
  • overwhelming because you are thinking about how you are going to work your 9 – 5 and still manage your online business (I mean, how does that even work 😃);
  • out of your depth because you think you have to be a ‘jack of all trades’ to start a business online;
  • scary because you know you have to utilize the online market space for your business, but you don’t know how to;
  • emotionally draining because you are constantly doubting yourself and what you actually have to offer;
  • scary because you know you have to sell online but you don’t have any idea how to do it and you don’t want to come off being salesy;
  • like you are struggling because you find it hard to commit to your goals.

I know exactly how you are feeling. WHY? Well because I have been exactly where you are. Starting my first business was one of the scariest things I ever did but I was able to go from feeling scared, overwhelmed and burnout to being able to manage my business with confidence and ease.

And as much as I had some huge wins, I also made some mistakes along the way, however, the soul churning bumpy road that I went through has paved the way for my signature method, so that you don’t have to go the long way round and you can avoid making the same mistakes that I made.

Success is not overnight

Don’t let anyone lie to you, success is not overnight and mine certainly wasn’t but with my Proven Method, some determination and hard work on your part, you CAN do it.

Starting any successful business is not easy, it takes time to even come up with the idea first, let alone everything else that comes after that. So, what if I told you that my Proven Method program gives you step-by-step support with setting up and running the business of your dreams?

Yes! This is real, I am not exaggerating.

I recently saw a quote that says:

There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.

W.E.B. Du Bois

So, I made the decision to BE that woman because I was determined to rise and finally step into my purpose. I made the decision that I no longer wanted to put my plans on hold to start a business because I was too scared or because I couldn’t find the time around my 9-5 and family life to actually work on my business.

Are you ready to make that decision too?

Are you ready:

  • gain clarity around which online business you actually want to start;
  • be confident that your online business will be profitable;
  • remove the guesswork so you know which activities to do each week to actually launch your business;
  • overcome your fear and self-doubt so you can confidently launch your online business;
  • reduce the overwhelm from the whole process by learning the fundamentals needed to build a solid foundation for your business;
  • have a process in place that helps you become better organized, so you have a better handle on your time; 
  • get support with committing to your goals in order to succeed;
  • be confident in what you are offering so you can sell (without coming off as being salesy);
  • learn how to create engaging posts that help you build a pool of potential customers;
  • be supported in a community of women just like who understand where you are and can support you in your business journey;
  • have someone always in your corner ready and willing to help you along, whilst you navigate the world of business;


Hi, I am Seyi, the founder of the Proven Method program, and I am a business coach for busy women on a mission to build and sustain a business around their 9 – 5 jobs and their families. 

I help you develop business strategies that help move your business forward, as well as SMART goals that help you with your own personal development, so you can finally have time for your family, friends, and your business, without feeling guilty or overwhelmed.  

As a coach, I will create a safe space for you to be accountable, gain clarity and build your confidence to help you on your personal and business journey.  

What is the Proven Method?

The Proven Method to Confidently Launch Your Online Business is my signature program, all done online and designed to give you the clarity and confidence to start the business your dreams, whilst juggling your 9-5 and your family life.

Think about it, no more guessing and wondering what could be if you just started your business. With my program and support, you will know exactly what you need to go from someone with a hobby, to a full-blown business owner.

Being an entrepreneur is lonely and you have to accept that it will be tough but you don’t have to do it alone. With my support and encouragement from other women just like you, you will literary have all you need to finally start your business.

What do you get in the program?

Online Modules

Take your business idea from concept to creation and beyond with the easy to follow modules, weekly action items, worksheets & cheat sheets. The program will give you the clarity and confidence you need to find a profitable business idea, and the structure you need to set up a profitable business in an easy to follow step-by-step method, so you can finally launch the business of your dreams.

Access to my private Facebook group

Join the private Facebook community for support and accountability from other women just like you in order to accelerate your success. 


Weekly Group Q & A Calls

Live group calls are held every week for you to ask questions in order to work through any challenges you may be facing with your business. 

Access to my mini Facebook training

Even after you have launched your business, you will find the mini training around social media, branding, email marketing and website building a valuable resource for your business.

But wait, there is more (BOUNS)

Yes, THERE’S MORE! So, if you sign up for my program by the 28th December 2020, you will also receive my weekly R.E.A.P what you sow accountability emails that will help you Review what you have done in the last week, Establish your goals for the next week, plan the Action steps you will need to take and Pinpoint any challenges or obstacles that might stop you from achieving your goals for that week.



This week is all about getting ready, which means working on your mindset, setting SMART goals and helping you find time to work on your business, so you get clear and focused for the entrepreneurial journey ahead. This week is all about getting you ready to be a business owner.  


This week, you will be getting clear about your business and making sure that you want to offer is something people will pay for. Don’t worry, with my hacks and worksheets, you will actually find this week a lot of fun. 


This week, you will be validating your business idea and niching down. You will also be connecting your goals, making sure it aligns with your business idea. By the end of this week, you will be clear and confident about which business idea you can start in order to generate that extra stream of  income.


This week, you will be moving into the structure phase of your business. You will be looking at your finance, business structure, the legalities you need to be hyperaware and your accounting and record-keeping systems.


This week, you will be identifying your ideal clients by creating an avatar, you will pin down your branding, which goes beyond your logo and business name, so you can stand out in your industry. You will also be putting together your marketing plan for your business, making sure your plan is aligned with your business goals.


This week is all about social media and figuring out which platform is best for your business. You will learn all about how to create content that sells using my P.O.E.T method for Instagram and Facebook and you will learn about the metrics to pay attention to on social media, so you know what kind of content works or isn’t working for your business. 


This is the FINAL week where you will learn all about keywords research and lead magnets. We then finish off the week with the exact steps you need to take to finally  launch your business. 



  • no more uncertainty about your strengths and what you have to offer;
  • having someone help you organize all of the amazing ideas in your head into something that will help you build your business;
  • having confidence that your business will be profitable;
  • being able to find the time to actually work on your business when it launches;
  • removing the guesswork, so you know exactly which activities you need to do each week to start your business;
  • having the tools you need to build a successful business just handed to you!

So, say GOODBYE to that little voice in your head that keeps telling you can’t do it and that you have nothing valuable to offer because YOU DO.

It gives you exactly what you need

This program literally gives exactly what you need to know in order to start a successful business and the access to the Facebook group means you are still getting support from me, even after your business is up and running, I mean who does this! 

So, just a little reminder about what is included:

  • Live training with me each week for 7 weeks to deliver the program starting from the 03rd February 2021 at 6:30pm (GMT + 0) and then every Wednesdays after that for 6 more weeks (7 weeks in total) at 6:30pm (GMT +0). There will be replays if you miss the live sessions;
  • Live weekly group calls with me every Sunday at 6:30pm (GMT +0) where you can get your business questions answered (there will be replays if you miss the live sessions);
  • Weekly action items, with worksheets & cheat sheets;
  • Access to a private Facebook community for support from me and other women just like you;
  • Access to mini-training around social media, and email marketing to help you after your business launch;
  • BONUS (if you enrol by the 28th December 2020) – you get my signature R.E.A.P what you sow accountability system emails to ensure you stay accountable and on track with your goals.

I can't wait to see you in the program!

Like I said, this program isn’t for everyone. This program is not a good fit for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick-rich scheme;
  • You keep making excuses that stop you from taking any action;
  • You have already done all the things I teach in this program and you have been consistently signing clients;
  • You think this program is going to do the work for you. I will show you the method, but you need to put in the work;
  • You are not ready to invest yourself.


Most frequent questions and answers

The 7-week program will begin on Wednesday the 03rd February 2021 at 6:30pm (GMT+0). The modules will be delivered once a week for about 1 hour and there will be live Q&A sessions on Sundays at 6.30pm (GMT+0), where you can get your questions answered.

The amount of additional time you decide you need in order to implement what you learn so you can start & grow your business is down to you! All weekly live sessions and Q& A sessions will be available on replay.

Because you are here right now reading this, means that you have already spent time and money on trying to solve your problem. So, are you willing to continue throwing money and wasting your precious time on things that clearly aren’t working, versus investing in a solution that is proven and you can actually commit to?

To start & grow a successful online business is as much about your mindset, as it is about the foundations you set and the strategies you will use in your business.

So, stop looking for quick rich schemes and start investing in yourself. It takes faith and trust that you will make back your investment. Do you believe you can? Because I do! But only you can decide this for yourself.

Truth be told, there is never going to be a “right” time for anything but it is our job to create the time and opportunities for ourselves, so we can  change our lives and create the future we truly desire.

I will be offering this again at some point, but never again at this price because it will be increasing. This is the only time to join my program at the founding member rate and take advantage of the massive discount and bonuses. P.S – Being a mum and still working a full time 9 – 5 job, I know exactly all about not having enough time.

Remember, I have been where are, which is why I have specifically designed this program for the busy woman, so you really can go at your own pace (with a little nudge from me every so often).

My clients have used these strategies to start their own businesses and earn real money, on top of their 9 – 5 salaries.
While I am confident in the material of my program, you have to appreciate that the success of the program depends on each client’s commitment to the process and their willingness to consistently implement what they learn.
I understand how scary an investment like this can be, but what I can do is guarantee that you will receive valuable information and practical guides and  strategies that you need to make your bsuiness a success.

A step-by-step guide of what you need to have in place for a profitable online business.