Losing weight without exercise – 5 simple tips

Losing weight is never easy but guys, it’s possible, even more so if you want to lose weight without having to do exercise. So if I can do it, then I know for a fact that you can too. Now let me just get the disclaimer done right now, although I didn’t have to do any exercise to lose the first few kgs (I lost 13kg), I found that in order to maintain my weight, I had to up my activity level, so keep that in mind. But anyway, this post is about losing weight not maintaining, so lets begin.

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Back to back pregnancy meant losing weight was a must

So just to give you a bit of context, I got pregnant with my daughter in 2016 and when she was 6 months old, I found out that I was pregnant with my son. As you can imagine, having two pregnancies back-to-back did nothing for my weight-loss goals at the time and I found myself at my largest, which is quite funny because before pregnancy, I was under the misguided notion that I was big. Anyway, enough was enough, I had to make a change because if I didn’t, I knew, it was only going to get worse because simply put, I love food, but I detest exercise πŸ˜ƒ.

Slimming World

I had heard about slimming world and seen some great reviews, so I thought, let me try it out. So I signed up to Slimming World and attended the physical meetings. Being Nigerian, I already had my doubts about what food choices I would have available but like I said, I needed to do something different, so here I was. Now this post isn’t about Slimming world, if you want to know more about it, send me your questions. This post is all about how to lose weight by eating healthy and delicious food without having to exercise.

Losing weight
1st pregnancy

Slimming world opened my eyes to different types of foods I didn’t even know existed, like quark, which is a cheese alternative and has the ability to create a creaminess without the calories. It also taught me the importance of being smart about how you cook your food, for example, I no longer use oils in my dishes and the 1 calorie spray is now a staple item in my kitchen.

So, I am literally still eating all the foods I love, but in a much cleaner way. I will have a few of my favourite recipes like lamb curry, burger and chips and Nigerian Jollof Rice up on the blog and on YouTube over the next few weeks, so keep a look out.

Now, I am not saying go and join Slimming world πŸ˜ƒ, but what I am saying is that just by changing how much oil you use, or how you cook your food (grill rather than deep fry), you will see a difference in your weight.

5 simple tips to losing weight

Anyway, let’s get straight into the 5 simple tips I have found that has helped me with losing weight without having to exercise

1. Cook your own food

It really is that simple, cook the food you are going to eat. Stop buying ready made meals or tone it down on the takeout and just make your own. Knowing exactly what ingredients goes into your food gives you full control of exactly what you are eating and if you are trying to lose weight, knowing exactly what you are eating is crucial. For example, I love pizza but ordering it as takeout is a no no (even with the reduced cheese option πŸ˜ƒ), so I make my own.

At my largest weight, 82kg

The key isn’t denying yourself what you want to eat but rather think about how can you make a healthier / cleaner version of it. So, for my pizza base, I use a low carb alternative called lough dough. It is only 39 calories per pizza base (yep 39), its high in fibre and it is also gluten free. All I then do is use a tomato base, add some low fat cheese and top it off with some of my favourite toppings like vegetables, meat, meat ooh yeah and more meat lol and presto, a delicious but cleaner pizza right at home.

2. Cut down on your sugar

Sugar as been my greatest enemy when it came to my weight loss journey. Why? Because it contains calories and offers no nutritional value in the way vitamins or anything else that is good for you, do. Also, given that I have a bad sweet tooth, I have always struggled with cutting down on my sugar. I was the kind of person that would add 6 teaspoon to their cup of tea, yes 6. So if you are saying to yourself, nah, I can’t do this, please think about me and use it to encourage yourself that you can, because now I drink my tea without any sugar (yes!!!!!).

All is not lost though because you can still satisfy your sweet tooth cravings by eating fruits / diary foods which contain natural sugars. Also, beware of so-called “healthy” drinks, such as smoothies and fruit juices, which can contain high amounts of bad sugars for you. But like I said, it is not about denying yourself what you want, just think of alternative ways to make it, if you want smoothie, then make it at home.

Again, if you are starting out, it is not about being super strict with yourself straight away, but rather allow yourself to form good habits during your weight loss journey.

3. Drink more water

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it, but for some of us water just doesn’t “taste” that nice πŸ˜ƒ. Nevertheless, if losing weight is your goal then drinking more water needs to be a part of your lifestyle. Why? Well, drinking water not only helps to boost your metabolism, but it also helps to cleanse your body of waste and acts as an appetite suppressant.

Here I am in Spain loving that I lost 13kg

4. Plan, Plan and Plan

The key to losing weight for me was planning my meals in advance. As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Knowing exactly what foods I was going to eat for the next week allowed me to shop for exactly what I needed and it kept me focused as well. I also made sure to include some foods to treat myself, so I looked forward to my meals. If you are stuck on what to make, use the internet to find inspiration, there are loads of ideas out there.

So, if losing weight is something you really want to do, then you have to start planning out your emails in advance. Even if you are going out with friends for dinner or you know you are having family over for the weekend, plan. Look up the restaurant you are going to and choose what things you can eat from their menu. Be proactive and take control of the foods that you are eating because losing weight for the long term isn’t a quick fix and you have to actively play your part in our own weight loss journey.

5. Keep going, dont give up

The final and the most important tip for losing weight is to keep going.

I know a lot of people say that and I actually feel really weird saying it myself because when I always read things like that I am like “come on, we know that” but now I get why they say it. It is to encourage you, letting you know that we have also been where you are and you need to keep going until you get to where you want to be.

The only person holding you back right now is you. You have to make the conscious decision to lose weight and start actively putting things into motion. So, even if you stumble during your journey and you find yourself ordering takeout or you have a massive fall, where you may have eaten everything under the sun for two days straight, don’t stop pushing forward. Get back up, brush it off and start over, it really is that simple. Why? Because losing weight over the long term is a marathon, not a sprint.

What happens after you lose weight

I have since stopped Slimming world but what I learned is priceless. I have opened myself and my family to different types of food options and different, cleaner ways to cook food we already know and love and this has helped me with losing and maintaining my weight. Now this isn’t to say my weight doesn’t fluctuate because some weeks it’s up and other weeks it’s down, but what I am actively doing is enjoying life.

Bathroom selfie, now at 69kg

So, losing weight without exercise to start with, is certainly possible as I am a living testament, however, once you hit a weight loss plateau like I did, I found that I had to up my activity level to lose a bit more and to help me stay within my weight range. When I say activity level, it can be as simple as walking more, so if you have currently do 5000 steps a day, try to do 7000 or if you don’t do any workouts, try to do a 5/7 minute low impact workout on YouTube to start and just got from there.

So guys, please don’t give up, it really is a lifestyle change and not a diet when it comes to losing weight. I still have ups and downs with my weight but I am happy with me being just me right now. Tomorrow isn’t promised so don’t live just to lose weight, lose weight whilst enjoying life.

So right now, enjoying life for me also means looking good and with a recent birthday, beauty hacks were on my mind πŸ˜ƒ. So go check out my blog post on 5 simple beauty hacks, tried and tested by CLICKING HERE.

I hope this post on losing weight was helpful and if you want more information, please contact me and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for all the latest posts, information, freebies and much more sent straight to your inbox.



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