How to Sell on Social Media and Beat the Competition

Before you can sell on social media as a small business, you need to first understand the journey your customer is going to go through before they will actually buy from you.  This is sometimes known as the customer journey or the sales funnel but the fact is that there is a process and understanding what that process is, is crucial to your success if you are going to sell your products/services on social media.

sell on social media

1. The Awareness Stage

The awareness stage for me has two layers that work simultaneously together. It is basically about you indirectly making your customers aware of your business or your brand by directly making them aware that they have a problem (a problem that your products or services will be able to solve). This is something that we like to call in the industry as your customer’s pain point. A pain point is a specific problem that your ideal customers are experiencing.

To sell on social media, you have to let them know they have a problem

So, to sell on social media, you need to make your ideal customers aware that they actually have a problem in the first place and guys, you have to make it obvious for them. Why? well, the truth is that until someone recognizes that they have a problem that needs to be solved, they are not going to make a purchase to solve that problem.

Know Your Customer Journey

For example, let’s say you offer accounting services, one of your customer’s pain points could be disorganized spending in their business. So you could create content on social media to highlight that they have this problem, like getting them to acknowledge their feelings overwhelm or the reality that they are losing money because they are not organised.

Don’t sell in order to sell, on social media

The important thing to note at this stage is NOT TO SELL anything yet. You are just making them aware of their problem through your content, so your Call To Action (CTA) would mostly be along the lines of ‘Follow me!’, ‘Subscribe’, ‘Send me a message’ for more information. 

Just to add, if your business wants more visibility on social media in 2021, then you need to start producing video content because this type of content will account for 82% of all Internet traffic by 2022. So jump on this now! (you can thank me later 😉).

2. The Consideration Stage

Now that your customers know that they have a problem, they will now be on the lookout for ways to solve that problem. This is what we now call the consideration stage.

This stage is where you start to position yourself as the business that can help your ideal customers solve their problem. This stage plays a vital part in the decision-making process for your customers when the time comes for them to purchase a solution for their problem.

The type of content to post in order to sell on social media for this stage

So, a lot of your content on social media at this stage must be educational content, motivational content and/or inspirational content. Whatever you choose to call it, the strategic goal is to position yourself as the go-to authority that helps your customers solve the issue that you have highlighted for them in the awareness stage. 

sell on social media

If you want to know how to sell on social media you have to understand that you cannot get away from educational content. This because it will help you add the value that people are freely searching for online and best believe that before anyone will buy online right now, they need to know that you are able to add some form of value or transformation for their problem.

This is where you have your ‘How to …’, ‘Doing this 1 thing will change …’, ‘3 ways to solve ….’ types of content. Don’t be shy to share past customer testimonials, reviews and how your product or services has transformed the lives of those who have purchased it.

Your call to action

So, your CTA for this stage is also NOT TO SELL anything. You are positioning yourself as the go-to authority, so your CTA should mostly be along the lines of ‘Tag someone …’, ‘Share this with someone …’, ‘Comment below if you’ve had ……’, ‘Send me a message if you want more help ….’.

You may also wish to use lead magnets like downloadable checklists, or infographics or free webinars for this stage of your strategy. 

3. The Conversion Stage

It’s time to sell on social media! This is where you need your customers to now take ACTION. Now that you have told your ideal customers what their problem is and you have positioned yourself as the go-to authority to help them solve that problem, your ideal customers will be more receptive to buy from you at this stage. So you have to tell them how they can do that.

sell on social media

But, don’t just go in with the hard sell and only say ‘Buy Buy Buy’, you still need to nurture that relationship you have formed with your ideal customers. So content like ‘How my product or service will help you ….’ or ‘You dont want to miss this amazing offer to …’, will make up a major part of your content for this stage. You may also want to encourage your ideal customers to buy from you by offering incentives or time-limited offers.

Remember, its all about your customers taking ACTION.

Your CTA for this stage has to be STRONG and leave no ambiguity as to what you are telling your ideal customers to do, which is to purchase your products or services. Tell them how to do this with CTAs like ‘Purchase via the link in the bio’, ‘Go to my website and buy it now’, or ‘Send me a message to place your order today’.

4. The Engagement Stage

For some reason, several businesses seem to completely miss this stage which I like to call the ‘Dating Stage’, but is also known as the engagement stage and it is just as important as all the other 3 stages.  Just because the customer has purchased from you doesn’t mean they just disappear. 

This is an opportunity for you to make them repeat customers and to make them ambassadors for your business (i.e. sharing your content on social media or telling others about your products/services). It’s all about continuing to provide valuable content through social media or email marketing so you stay connected with them even after their purchase.

sell on social media

So, your CTA for this type of content will be similar to that of the consideration and conversion stage, depending on the type of content you post.

If you find that you are struggling to come up with content that speaks to your ideal customer’s pain points, then this means you may not actually understand what you are selling and the solution your product or services provides to your ideal client.

You need to build relationships to sell on social media

Also, dont forget, as much as you are positing content online and you are taking your customers through this journey so you can sell on social media, make sure you are also building relationships with your customers by engaging with them on social media. So, respond to the likes, the comments and the messages.

I do hope this post on how to sell on social media has been helpful.

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