How to overcome your fear so you can start your business

I have been speaking to a number of people this week about starting something new and what was stopping them from taking the next step. Have you found yourself having a great idea or have you had a burst of motivation after seeing something or speaking to someone, to finally start something you always wanted to do or something you have seen others doing and think you could do the same? If the answer is yes and you still haven’t started, what is stopping you? You will find that the majority of people usually say it is because of fear.

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm, so our natural instinct is to avoid this emotion. If that is the case, how can we overcome fear in order to start that business venture or start that YouTube channel or just simply share the message you are passionate about with the world?

First and foremost, the bible says at 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”.  I take a lot of comfort in Gods’ promise because this is my reset.  When fear starts to make its way into my mind, I reach for this promise because I know that God’s thoughts towards me are always of love, therefore, whom shall I fear. 

Now, this isn’t to say I don’t get anxious when I do something new like a YouTube video or a blog post, but I also find encouragement by going back to why am I doing what I am doing, because the reality is that you cant please everyone.  So, what can you do right now to help overcome your fear and finally start that new venture?

1. Stop thinking and start doing

There is no point thinking about what could happen or what might happen when you start the business, use that time and energy to actually start doing the leg work. Do the research i.e. is there a market for your product or service, look at the YouTube Channels that inspire you, do you have a story, (your story) that you want to share with the world.  We sometimes find that our thoughts have already mapped out the start, middle and end of the business without us having done any actually work towards looking into the viability of our ideas.  So stop thinking and start doing the work, so that you become more confident in decisions you will undoubtedly need to make when it comes to starting that business.

2. Failure is not the end of the process

 It is time to change your mind-set. I sometimes feel sorry for the word ‘failure’ because it has such a bad reputation. Just because the idea you ran with or the products /services you are selling isn’t taking off or just isn’t working, you automatically think that you have failed and close up shop. However, I am here to tell you (from first-hand experience) that you shouldn’t let the “failure” of the business or an idea, stop you from pushing forward.  Learning from our failures only sets us up to move further in the next venture. 

Personal anecdote

I use to run an events management business a few years ago. For the first 2 years, it was great, we were getting enquires and we were getting bookings but after a while, things just dried up. Don’t get me wrong, this hit me hard (ask my husband 😊) because I had put in a lot of time and money into the business, however what I didn’t do was let the end of that business derail me for what could come next. 

Now a few years later, I have a number of profitable businesses, not just successful ones, because my bank knows the difference 😃.  What I chose to do is learn from my previous experience and channel it into my next venture, whether it was my time, money, skills set, software knowledge, business contacts etc, I made sure to utilise the skills I had gained. Don’t get me wrong, even with my current businesses, I have “failed” in a few things like, business strategy and development but what I have done, is learn and pushed ahead.

So guys, what have you been putting off because you were afraid? Is it time you stop thinking and start doing? You can do anything you put your mind to it, believe me, but you have to be ready to put in the work.  In the majority of cases, you are your own worst enemy when it comes to these things and unless it starts with you, nothing happens, so start!

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