How To Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar In 5 Easy Steps

Creating your ideal customer avatar is one of the most essential and most powerful things you can do for your business. Why? Well to effectively market your products or services, you have to know exactly:

  • who you will be marketing to;
  • where they are hanging out online and/or in-person; and
  • what their current pain points/problems/challenges are.
customer avatar pain point

Now, disclaimer guys, a customer avatar is not a new thing and it is well known within the marketing industry. I am just here to give you my spin on it and how I have used it to help my clients level up their marketing strategy for their businesses. 

You can’t sell to everybody

The reality is this, not every customer is right for your business and you need to know who will be going through your marketing funnel so that you are attracting your ideal customers.

The more focused you are on who it is you are selling to, the easier your marketing strategy will be because you will start to attract the customers who are readying and willing to pay for your products or services.

Now, the trick here is to actually create a customer avatar like a fictional character. Give them a name, build their profile, so that when you are creating content to market to your ideal customers you know you are speaking directly to them.

Ok, let’s jump into how to create your ideal customer avatar.

1. What does your ideal customer avatar want to achieve and what are their values

There are two things you need to think about for this step:

  1. first, you have to think about what goals and values your ideal customers have;
  2. second, you have to think about how your products or services can help them achieve those goals whilst keeping it in alignment with their values.

The aim here is to try to understand the transformation that your ideal customer is trying to achieve and breakdown how your products or services can help them achieve that transformation.

customer avatar

For example

For example, let’s say you are a health and fitness instructor and you work with postpartum mums to get back into shape and you are also very passionate about helping your clients maintain their weight loss. So when you are looking to create your ideal customer avatar, you could be looking for mums that want to lose weight but also keep the weight off because they value having a healthy balance between losing weight and still enjoying the food they eat. 

So, as a health and fitness instructor, when it comes to your marketing strategy, you may want knuckle down on talking about foods that your potential clients actually enjoy eating and how to make it healthier or how to incorporate it into a healthier lifestyle for sustained weight loss, rather than just talking about foods they should or shouldn’t eat.

2. The sources of information for your ideal customer avatar

OK, so this is where you find out where your ideal customers get their information, so for example, where do they ‘hang out’, whether it’s online or in-person, what books, blogs or magazines do they read, what kind of seminars or workshops do they attend.  Knowing this is going to be crucial because it is going to help you determine where you focus most of your marketing efforts in order to attract your ideal customers by getting right in front of them.

So, using the example above of the health and fitness instructor, their deal customers may be on Instagram using the hashtags, #gethealthy, #healthyrecipes, #foodideasfortoddlers (remember they are new mums).

customer avatar sources of information

The aim here to to find out where they are getting their sources of information, so you know how to get in front of them. At the same time, you are also looking at the way information is being presented to them so you can use that when creating content to attract them into your marketing funnel.

3. The demographics of your ideal customer avatar

This step is all about the demographics of your ideal customers. So their age, gender, income bracket, location, occupation type (administration, manager, chief executive, work from home etc), hobbies, interests, marital status, what social media platforms are they on, do they have kids etc.

You need to go deeper

Really try to get into the lives of your ideal customers because this will help you build a connection with them in your marketing content. The aim is to see them as real people and not just another follower or subscriber.

Think about it, the way you would market yourself as a health and fitness instructor to a new mum who works from home is going to be different to a new mum who already has another child and has gone back to work. 

4. The pain points/ problems/challenges of your ideal customer avatar

Although on the face of it, this may seem to be similar to your customer avatars’ goals and objectives, it is not the same thing.  Your ideal customer’s pain points are what causes them to have those goals in the first place. So what problems or challenges are they currently facing that your products or services could help them solve.

Get to the root cause of their pain

Now you really have to think deep on this. For example, as a health and fitness instructor, no one would blame you if you thought one of your customer’s pain points was not having time to exercise (that’s definitely one of my personal excuses 😉).

customer avatar

However, the truth is that I actually don’t want to make the time for exercise because I am not motivated enough to do so. As a full-time employee, wife, mum and business owner, I would rather be doing other things if I am honest. 

So my pain point isn’t that I don’t have time, but rather I lack the motivation. By rooting out what the real pain point, you put your business in a fantastic position to offer me a real solution that I would willingly pay for.

5. The objections of your ideal customer avatar and their role

For this step, you have to think about the reasons why your ideal customers might not want to buy your products or services.

By understanding what their objections could be around buying your products or services, you are able to address this in your marketing. This then gives your ideal customers a chance to work through the objections within your own content, pushing them closer to making that purchase.

Don’t Shy away from this step

Guys, do not shy away from this step because it plays a crucial part in the decision making process for your ideal customers who may be ready to buy from you but need that last push.  

It is also important to understand the role your ideal customers play when it comes to actually buying your product or service, i.e., are they decision-maker or are they the ones that just source the products or review the services that need to be purchased.

customer avatar

So, if you are ready to level up your marketing strategy and carry out an exercise that will be one of the most important things you can do for your business, then you have to CLICK HERE to get my simple downloadable ideal customer avatar worksheet to get you started.

Now that you know who you are selling to, you need to start thinking about how to actually sell to them. Go check out my post on How to Sell on Social Media and Beat the Competition right now to learn all about the customer journey, so you can create content that allows you to sell effectively online.

I do hope this post on how to create your ideal customer avatar in 5 easy steps has been helpful.

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