How to create content that sells using 4 simple steps

To create content that sells, you need to appreciate that every strategy, whether it’s a content strategy, a marketing strategy or a business strategy, all have the same 3 stages in common.

So, before you can answer the question ‘how do you create content that sells’, you have to understand the relationship between goals, strategy and tactics. So the

  • Goal is your what – what is it that you are trying to achieve
  • Strategy is your plan – how you plan to achieve that goal
  • Tactic is your how – how do you execute that plan

For example,

  • A goal could be – I want to increase my brand awareness
  • The strategy could be that you want to use content to achieve that goal
  • The tactics could then be you using storytelling or ads to help build brand awareness using your content.

Now let’s talk about the 4 core elements of creating content that sells.

We have

  • Information
  • Context
  • Platform
  • Form

1. It starts with Information

When it comes to content, you need to decide what type of information you want to put out. This is the type of content you want to make in order to achieve your goal. Some people, also refer to this as content pillars or content buckets. So this could be educational information, behind the scenes information, inspirational, motivational, entertaining, whatever it is, it’s all about the material you are going to use to achieve your goal. You can also have a mixture of information types to achieve the same goal. So make sure to switch things up a little.

2. To create content that sells you need to think Context

Now that you know the type of information you want to write, you need to know the context it needs to be written in. This is where you need to understand who it is you are trying to target with the information that you are going to be making. 

Context is very important here because if you do not know who you are speaking to, your content is not going to make the impact you want it to make.  Information without context is just noise.

Information without context is just noise


Think about it, you were a man and you didn’t have a sister, wife or daughter and you see an advert about menstrual pads, all that content to him is just noise.  So don’t let all that effort you make into creating your content end up as just noise because it is not being targeted to your specific audience.

3. Consider what Platform it goes on

Next, you need to think about the platform, so where are you are going to publish that information you are creating. Where do your clients or customers hang out online? Where are they going online to find information? Is it on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tik Tok, Linked in etc? Are they reading certain types of magazines or blogs, do they follower a particular Influencer? You need to ask yourself these questions so you can determine where you need to be in order to get in front of your ideal client or customer.

customer avatar

4. Decide on the Form to create content that sells

The last element that you need to think about when creating content is the form. This is just simply how you are going to present the information you have been creating, for example, text, photos, video, audio, memes, gifs.

So block out all the noise, strip it back down to the foundations and build your content up using these 4 elements. When you get into the routine of looking at these elements when it comes to creating your content, you will probably find that you need to start looking at creating a social media strategy. So make sure to go check out my post on Create An Effective Social Media Strategy In 5 Easy Steps to help you get started.

I do hope this post on How to create content that sells using 4 simple steps has been helpful.

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