Attract Customers Online With These 3 Easy Daily Activities

It may seem daunting to attract customers online, but there are things that you can do daily to ensure that you are using your time effectively to generate leads for your small business.

In this post, I break down 3 things you should be doing every day to help attract customers online.

As a small business owner, you are probably more aware that there are only 24 hours in a day. And if you are like me, 8 hours (or more at times 😊) may already be used in your 9-5 day job.

attract customers

So, how do you make sure that with the precious few hours you have left in the day, you are using your time productively to work on business activities that help you attract customers and drive sales?

1. To attract customers, you have to listen

This really isn’t that complicated I promise. It simply means that you need to do some research to find out what your customers are currently struggling with. You can do this by going on social media or doing some SEO research. If you want to know more about SEO go check out my blog post on What is SEO and Why is it Important for Your Small Business.

Look out for the questions your customers are asking. Look at the posts your competitors are doing and look at their comment section. What are people finding helpful, what questions are they still asking? Make a list of this and think about how you can help solve this for them.


For example

If you sell eyelashes online, your customers could be struggling with how to apply the eyelashes properly. So you could create content showing how to apply the eyelashes. You could also share tips or hacks on the best way to apply it, i.e., what angles to use or what type of mirrors to use.

You could also be a VA for busy working moms helping them manage their social media accounts. Your customers could be struggling with finding inspiration for their content. So, you could create content that will help spark some creativity. You could also create content that gives examples of the different types of content they could post, which then inspires them to create their own versions.

2. Have a plan to attract customers

Now that you have a clear idea of what problems your customers are struggling with, you have to plan how you will help them solve that problem. This could be in the form of a blog post (like what I am doing right now 😊), a post on Instagram, a Tik Tok, or an email to your subscribers etc. Whatever platform or medium you use, you have to plan how you will present your solution to your customers.

Consistency and Visibility

You attract customers with this step because planning helps to keep you consistent with your message and your visibility. What this also does as a by-product is that it helps to build awareness of your small business. Plus, it establishes your authority in the online market space as someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

BOUNS TIP – don’t be shy to add a bit of your personality/style into your content. This helps you to be more relatable to your customers which helps to build trust in your business.

attract customers

3. To attract customers you have to act

Next, it’s time to actually create content that provides a solution to the problems your customers are struggling with.  I know it sounds simple, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself stuck at the planning stage. Why? Well, because subconsciously, you may think you are “doing” something but the reality is that you may be holding yourself back when it comes to actually putting yourself and your content out there.

Divide your time accordingly

Therefore, to attract customers, make sure you are spending as much time creating as you are researching and planning your content.

For this step, make sure you also set up how you want your content to go out. For example, using email automation, social media scheduler, doing it manually at a specific time etc.

Of course, there are other things besides social media that you need to do for your small business. For example, company accounts, sales calls, working on your client’s business. However, you really should have these steps somewhere in your daily business routine.

Get Clear, focused, and Organized

So, if you are struggling to use your time more effectively when working on your business, these 3 steps should get you clear, focused, and organized so you can work on business activities that will help you attract customers to your business.

It might seem like attracting genuine clients online is a myth (people who have never seen you or heard of you before ), but I can tell you it is possible. This is why these 3 daily steps will help you work on business activities that will help you attract customers to your business. The aim of which is to generate leads for your business that can then lead to sales.

I do hope this post on Attract Customers Online With These 3 Easy Daily Activities has been helpful.

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