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I help you, the professional woman still in your 9 - 5,

start & build your online business in 90 days or

less, so you can replace your 9 - 5 income.

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I am a Clarity & Strategy Business Coach and I help you, the professional woman, still working her 9 – 5 job, start and build your successful and profitable online business, so you can replace your 9 – 5 income and gain the security and freedom you truly desire. 
I do this by ultimately helping you get CLEAR about your business, develop systems & strategies to SCALE your business & provide actionable ways for you to ACHIEVE your financial goals. 

Is this YOU?

✓ you realise that as much as you may be great at your job, your 9 -5 is simply not secure.

✓ feeling stuck and overwhelmed at the thought of starting or building your business.

✓ confused by all the conflicting business advice about all things business.

tired of wasting time trying to DIY your way into a profitable business that actually generates you an income so you can replace your 9- 5 job?

Then you need to jump on a call with me TODAY.

I offer 30 minutes free discovery call with no obligations to sign up to any of my services so I can help you get unstuck so you can make tangible progress towards starting and building your business.

Mind you, this is a no-fluff conversation nor is it a sales call, we will dive in and talk about what you are currently struggling with when it comes to your business and I will give you practical tips and guides on how to get unstuck.

Why would do that?

Because I am here to HELP YOU. So why not take advantage of this today to find out how I can help you. But hurry, I only have limited slots a week for this invaluable free service.

Find out what my clients are saying about my services

Christiana Cerigob Beauty

I learnt a lot from you in that short space of time and it has given me a spring in my step! I can’t wait to receive the info from you and see where this journey takes me.

Benny Benny Designs

I wish it didn't end 😂. I felt motivated, I felt could do more to move my hobby to a source of income . Seyi is lively and such an articulate speaker.

Mary Photographer

She’s so lovely, approachable and you can tell she has a genuine heart and desire to see you succeed. Her advise has been extremely valuable and I’ve learnt a lot so far. Whenever I speak to her I walk away thinking ‘Yes, I can do this!'

Meera Chef

You made me really think about the business and the direction in which I want it to go; the things I need to do before it goes live; and the things I need to apply during and after my service applied. My motivation levels went through the roof and I got to work on details straight away as the ideas being bounced between us had me hyped on the energy, Thank you so much

Christina Drop shipping Business

Seyi’s great at listening not only to things you say but the things you aren’t saying which she uses to work closely with you to work on your true purpose. Can’t recommend her coaching and consultation enough!

Christine Blogger

While many others are active in this space, Seyi brings a very realistic and practical perspective. Seyi has given me the courage to take a bold step forward to building a personal website and thinking about my career outside of my usual 9-to-5 job. As a coach, Seyi follows through by making sure you're accountable to your own words and ensuring you are on the right path towards achieving your goals.

Rose Model

Seyi is a hub of information! She's someone that when they say YES. They commit to the the project. She's a highly educated and business minded lady that has Christ at the centre of her heart. We truly need more women who find joy in empowering and educating women on being the best they can be.

Hannah RefreshinglyHuman Podcast

I managed to really get to know more about my ideal clients' wants and needs and find I can implement that well in my course for them.

Valarie Virtual assistant

Thank you so much Seyi, I have more clarity and created my Instagram content accordingly which has increased my engagement.

Dee A+tutors

I honesty thought I knew my way around social media marketing but I was WRONG! Seyi really is invested in the success of your business and she is also at hand for day to day practical mummy tips


A step-by-step guide of what you need to have in place for a profitable online business.